Tuesday, August 30, 2011


When faith was new I presumed
I knew Thee in every way
I had no inkling what I'd find
And how much beyond me lay.

When I was young Thou smaller seemed
But older now am I
And Thou much bigger art to me
The longer time goes by.

How simple then my thoughts reveal
How little I did know.
Thou art beyond compare to me
And how Thy mercies show!

I used to ask Thee for my wants
With no regard to Thee
Confused I was when what I asked for
Was not given me.

Why what surprise to know Thee better.
Thy will is better still
Than all my wants and cares and dreams—
All that I thought would thrill.

And so to me Thou bigger grow
And I grow smaller yet.
More do I learn how little I know
Till faith and sight are met.

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